Friday, November 26, 2021

It's A Crafty Day In time!

 Hello, and welcome to the raid train! Those who are streaming for ACDI are underway (and yikes, I'm next in line as of the time of this writing)! Here is the official two day schedule for your convenience: 

This is a fun filled event of community over competition, in support of as many small business artists as we could get our hands on (38+). Although the ones listed above are scheduled to be live, there are many more if you head over to to see the full list and browse the shops. Many of them are having sales if you use the coupon code CRAFTY21 across the board for all your handmade holiday shopping needs.

I'm bead streaming some Christmas themed loomed bracelets as inventory and demonstration. Come hand out if you can! And if you can't, or come across this post next time, these events are ongoing, so feel free to sign up or tune in next time if you so choose.

Happy and Safe Holidays to All,


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