Monday, November 22, 2021

A Crafty Day In: Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Edition

 Hello bead bugs!

It's that time again. I'm once again participating in A Crafty Day In, this time in a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday edition. What is A Crafty Day In, you say? It's a community over competition virtual event (a craft show of sorts) that stemmed from the creative lovelies in the Twitch crafting community! It features various vendors of all types, ranging from beading to resin work, cross stitch to crochet, and much more. To see all of the amazing vendors, please visit their website and peruse all the amazingly talented artists who are participating.

Also, guess what? Some of these artist will also be participating in a raid train live on I will be one of them! My stream slot is on Friday morning, November 26th, from 12PM - 4PM EST. To see the whole schedule, consult below and feel free to drop in and chat with vendors and viewers alike!

In celebration of this event, I am holding a 25% off sale when you use the code CRAFTY21 at checkout here on the website. Hope over to the shop to browse my offerings. Coupon code valid only from the 26th - 30th. The majority of my holiday pieces have yet to make it to the shop, so feel free to message me within the weekend if something hasn't made it over by the time you're ready to purchase. I will make sure you get that discount, commissions included, if you contact me by November 30th at midnight CST. Promise.

In the meantime, please have a lovely and safe Thanksgiving this year. Especially the staying safe part.

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