Saturday, September 4, 2021

Summer Sale Shop Update Live Now!!!

 Whoo! I get a huge pat on the back for this one! Party time!

Guys, I did the things. You might be like, "But we were promised more of things, Tamara, what's up with that?" :-p

Well, here's what happened. This is only my second shop update ever, I know. I also know not everything I advertised made it into the final shop update at the promised time of midnight on September 5th, 2021. But do you know what did happen??? This, this happened.

"So what, it's a few bujo trackers, what of them?" you say. Oh yeah, well the joke's on you! It was the sticky note work flow that really, really helped me figure out the best way for me to FINALLY be better about listing things online and doing all the small tasks to lead to them going online. Whoot! That, and the mini week schedule you see at the bottom there. Sometimes it's the small things that make us progress further.

When one is self employed, it is exceedingly hard to find a schedule and task flow that works for you. I'm very glad that I have now! My brain likes to have a semblance of routine, but not one that's so strict that stress happens. (Stress did happen, but I was flailing for a few weeks until this was set in place far too late to be really helpful.) Enough rambling, onto the details of what did and didn't happen.

What DID get done: 
1. I took photographs and videos for 23 product listings!
2. I got 13 of those listings onto my website, all of which have demo videos in the item descriptions, something I just recently figured out!
3. I got the above systems and trackers in place to easily figure out tasks needed for future listings!
4. I got the remaining 14 product listings that I hadn't managed to migrate over from my Etsy (except the Christmas tree earrings. Dunno how I managed to miss those. :-/) !!!
5. I got coupon codes entered in for the sale! (BIRTHDAY33 for Sep. 5th itself, BIRTHDAY22 for Sep. 6th-11th, and BIRTHDAY11 for the rest of the month, with the numbers in the codes relating to the discounts you'll be getting on those days!

What didn't happen, but will in the coming week(s).
1. Getting the remaining 10 products up and listed after a few days rest from nonstop work days.
2. Finally getting around to releasing a digital PDF of my Sunset Teardrop tutorial, possibly with on demand kits, as I do have the components and required materials at hand.
3. My first ever YouTube tutorial for a dimensional pendant made with Gem Duos (or Diamond Duos work too).

I'd say I did pretty well with 90% of my item listing tasks done! And the tutorials......well.....I'm still figuring out the system for that. It will come with time. 

In the meantime, head over to the shop to brows the new selections and pick something up for yourself this beautiful birthday month of September! 

I'm going to go take a well deserved bath and break for a little while. See ya soon.

Happy Shopping <3

Tamara Allison

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