Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tip #1: Use a Yogurt Lid

Strange title for a post, you ask? Why sure. And here's why:

I've been intending to write a MEGA POST OF ALL MY SECRETS for quite a while. However, at the outset I did not realize how huge an undertaking that really is. So now, I'm going to just share one at a time (before I get lost in the internet archive for another five hours).

If any of you are anything like me, then your beading hobby and your wallet probably don't get along. Ever. I fall into the category of 'young crafty person in her 20's who barely makes enough for living expenses and food.' For the foreseeable future, I will be sharing with you all my beading hacks and budget friendly alternatives that I use in my design process. Hopefully it will be a good way to trick myself into blogging more. (No promises. We all know I'm bad at this!) :-)

Yogurt lids: 

The ultimate craft tool.

Not the first thing you think of a craft supply, huh? These are my best friends. 

My constant companion, Beady Billy. Cousin to Wooly Willy.

I've never ever ever ever used a beading mat, mostly because I didn't know they existed for the longest time. 

One color per lid.

The real reason though is because cleanup with yogurt lids is so easy. Just use one color per lid and fold up like a taco to return beads to their proper container! 

Does it Taco? Why yes, yes it does.

Pros and Cons:

Con: I often elbow beads into the carpet. This poses a real hazard because my home is carpeted in a medium length grey shag! Almost nothing gets found in there. The vacuum gods are quite pleased when I drop things. :-/ 

Pro: Using yogurt lids gives you an excuse to buy more Kalona brand cottage cheese. :-)

Pro: Lids can be used as mini painting pallets for acrylic paint. That way, you have the option of discarding lid and paint together or simply rinsing it for reuse later.

Hopefully you enjoyed this handy dandy cheapy tip. Go find yourself some yogurt or cottage cheese and snack on it while you make your next creation.

Happy Beading,

Tamara Allison

Tonight's listening pleasure: Movits!: Sammy Davis

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