Friday, October 20, 2017

Busy Year Update: WIPs and Other Suff

Well, it's been quite a busy beading year for me. My poor,  nelected blog is probably dying for some love right about now.
The following are all images taken straight from my phone. Please excuse the poor quality.
I decided to be insane this Christmas and make stitched ornaments for all of my co-workers. Three down, approximately twenty five to go:

I also stumbled upon this color scheme while experimenting with brick stitched buttons and Tila beads:

My succulent arranging skills have improved:

(Definitely not beads.)

My attempts at asymmetrical composition are still moderately awful. I'm going to give up on this one for a bit. Not enough contrast and too much going on here:

Wichita Falls has been having several art walks lately. Here is what all I added to my inventory for the last one. Too bad there are no more until April, but this more than anything kept me making more work this year!

New loom work design that I'm super proud of! Only the front is pictured here, but this bracelet is double sided , is edged nicely, and has a genius closing technique (credit goes to an acquaintance of mine). I hope to get it published, as it is truly a design I think others would enjoy. A remake is in order, as this particular bracelet is lacking in contrast. Also featured is one of many ant bites I have suffered while gardening this summer:

And lastly, although these haven't been featured in chronological order, is the competition piece I made this year. It never placed, but did please my design sensibilities perfectly. I may submit it other places, but for now am happy to have made a large piece without forcing the finished result. Everything just kind of fell into place!

That's as much as I feel like sharing at the moment. I've been up to plenty more and will updatell as I remember to do so.

Goodbye for now! And happy beading.

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