Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Flame Ring

Ever since I was nine, I've been making squiggly doodles on scrap paper. I've drawn on lined and unlined paper, in the margins of school notes, on napkins, on my jeans, on myself, on other people, and now in sketch books. 

This ring was made in 2008. Again, this was my first metals class. The assignment was to bezel a cabochon. I think this one is white howlite. I could be totally wrong. Of course, instead of a tiny pendant, I wanted to make something more fun. Here is the result:

Photo collage made with photovisi.com

It looks like fire! *Totally not the intent, but hey, it works.* I sold the ring earlier this year to the wife of a furniture maker who was set up across from me in Kerrville, TX.

On a side note: I seem to have misplaced the bracelet I planned on giving away for my 150 Facebook likes celebration. I will choose another piece instead, and it will be just as fabulous. The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic and my jewelry likes to run away on occasion (usually in someone's pocket). However, I'm pretty sure I just lost this one. The couch probably ate it. ;-)

And the best news: Today is the day I pay off my car!!!


  1. Whoo hoo, and great big, huge congrats. Paying off your car is a heck of an accomplishment! WTG!! As for the bracelet, it will turn up. Maybe you should give your winner a choice of several things from your shop. Then she could choose her own!

  2. I have a bracelet in mind, Julie. I'm about to go blog about to update the old post.