Thursday, September 8, 2011

Putting a Face to a Name

All too often I forget what the artist of some of my favorite pieces actually looks like. I can almost instantaneously put a name to a piece with that certain style. However, if I saw any of these people on the street with no label indicating who they are, I wouldn't be able to call them by name or say "Oh! That's so-and-so."

To remedy this problem for my followers, here is a picture of me:

Glasses, pimple, and fever blister included. (Three weeks into a new semester, plus taking my job back. *sigh*)

My logo for all of my online profiles is the same for consistency. Most of my online friends don't know what I actually look like unless they are friends of mine on my personal Facebook page.

I did have a picture of me for my first blog post, but I was 19 when it was taken. This is of me today taken by my computer's camera. I just turned 23 on Monday! I cut most of my hair off this past summer and now have a puff of a pony tail. :-)

I don't know about you, but I'm often surprised to find out what some of my favorite artists and authors look like. What do you think?

And now for a picture of something pretty: (besides myself)


  1. You are a brave woman! LOL. It's a lovely picture! I think I could identify a few of my real beading faves on the street but not many. Happy Birthday and Beady Wishes!

  2. Not so much brave as straightforward. I try to be upfront and honest with everyone, even at the risk of being disliked.

    Not that I expect to be recognized on the street or anything....