Friday, March 4, 2022

Project Update: New Piano Hammer Necklace!

Now, I know what you're thinking. This is the SECOND year in a row I've made one of these things? Well, I was surprised as well. This piece came about because well, I can no longer source the rubberized beads in the original designs.

I'd bought some polymer clay a long while back with the intent to make the leaves on this, but promptly ignored that idea in favor of anything not clay. partner made a beautiful shell piece that had broken. So I did some inlay to revive the shape, and while I was at it, I made these leaves. On stream. Live, not knowing a thing about polymer clay. It was a fun experience.

For someone who's had a lifelong battle with all forms of clay, I've got to say I'm pretty pleased with these. I didn't like the base color of the clay I used in the end, and gave it a coat of maroon paint to more closely match the interior felt of the piano hammer. And I couldn't bead happier!!!!

I'm pretty darn stoked with the matching earrings as well! And conveniently had just enough of the flower beads to complete the project. How neat is that?

If you're interested in seeing what other crazy shenanigans I get up to on stream, come watch me live on Twitch at 2PM CST on Tuesday afternoons! Soon to announce a consistent glow stream schedule, too! 

If you're interested in purchasing this set, please click below, or feel free to browse my other works.

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