Thursday, March 10, 2022

Elephant and Heart Brooch Commission

 Why don't elephants pack a suitcase when they go on vacation? Because they already have a trunk!

This, this is one of those pieces you can't help but love. From the first stitch and beyond. I was approached by a long time friend and his mother recently at the local Home & Garden Show. They were out for the day. I had no clue he wanted to buy her a piece of mine, since she's been a long time fan. So, in talking about my work and pointing to several things, they ended up commissioning me for an elephant, her favorite animal. With a heart, or a balloon. I chipped in and suggested a heart shaped balloon. And here we are. I fear I may have gone a little overboard but I don't even care:

Tell me you're loving the dual brooch approach as much as I am? Don't lie, I know you are! There was no way it was going to be a single brooch. How else would the elephant be holding onto the balloons? The chains are too cute.

Can we also for a moment appreciate the fact that the fill on his body is entirely made up of PEANUT beads?!?! Heh, I think I'm funny. It also happened to be the only decent color of grey I have on hand at the moment, as I was asked for a traditional colored elephant. I can't even express how elated I am at having found a good use for them. This texture is well fitting for the little guy.

And if you're wondering why orange? Well, that's due entirely to the fact that the only hearts I owned when choosing beads were that color. So orange it is! I just love when the bead stash makes the decisions for me, and then it's up to me to balance the limited supplies I have to work with.

And lastly, I'm pleasantly surprised by how the copper box chain was the perfect choice for the edging when stitching the felt and leather backing together. Unexpected and gorgeous. Makes me want to rush out and purchase more in this size. I will say it was a little tricky curving it around the tight corners of the trunk, but that happened to give the piece more movement, something about which I can't complain.

Process photos and fridge magnet inspiration^^^^^

Have a fun and lovely day! May you find a new piece to love in your day to day creations.


  1. Love it! i still have my hair comb that you gifted to me

    1. Oh, that's so awesome! How many years has that been by now? I can't recall.