Monday, May 16, 2016

Whoops. Went to the Wrong Convention. turns out I did actually miss my self imposed deadline like I assumed I would. Super! BitCon in OKC has come and gone and my Tetris dress is only a fraction closer to completion. *shrug* Ah well, I've got until the first week of June for a different con if I want to show it off. I can't wrap my head around what cosplayers find fun in stressing out over costumes. Completing such challenges just wears me out and would definitely wear a hole in my wallet.

Speaking of wearing a hole in my wallet, I am incapable of coming in under budget when going on out of town trips. Like so. I spent a nice tidy $60 on a Boy and his Blob manual and pieced together a reproduction set of cartridge, insert, and box art for Terranigma. Considering I will never likely find an English version of this game, nor would I want to damage a cartridge if I found one, I considered this a fair compromise. My interests and to-collect list for video games is coming to a slow halt. I gave myself a nice pat on the back for sticking only to buying things on my list. (Also, the convention is starting to go the way they all do: chock full of cheesy fan merchandise with little actual product that is supposed to be sold. This is my biggest problem with the cons. I don't want to drive hundreds of miles just to be confronted with plushes, key chains, and buttons. Especially if they're not even handmade. At least most of the panels provide worthwhile entertainment!)

After having made the above purchases and spending a not outrageous amount on lunch concessions, I promptly abandoned my friends to run across the grounds to the sign proclaiming 'Bead and Jewelry Show Today.' Guys, I keep forgetting how expensive beads really are and how fast everything adds up. I spent the other half of my budget on these shinies and walked away from the grounds almost penniless. Shame.

I ended up with a few types of colored hematite, brightly colored delicas, some findings, a strand of what looks like electroplated quartz geodes, some new super duos, and O beads, which I've never tried before. Let's hope something neat comes of these. There are loads of new challenges and design options hiding in here for me and a bright color palette to boot! I've been in hiding from the beading world too long. Venturing back should be fun. Any suggestions for using these, especially the Os would be helpful. :-)

On the bright side, I woke up at 8:00 AM today and have been very productive! If nothing else, working early morning coffee shop shifts have helped me learn how to get up early. Or maybe it was a one shot of determination. Either way, I'm going to keep trying to make good use of my future days off, provided I don't get called in to work. Nothing ruins attempts at creativity quite like an unexpected call/text.

Today's listening pleasure: utter silence. Being the only person awake and living in a quiet neighborhood away from distractions can be bliss. 10/10. Would do again.

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  1. You wont go to the WONG convention if you have Jesus... nor Japanese cuzz they'll be thar, too. Wanna wiseabove?