Monday, April 11, 2022

Going Overboard with Albion Stitch

 Alright, so I make an almost weekly habit of frequenting my local library (post farmer's market cuz it's right down the street) and checking out far more books than I'd ever read in a three week time frame. That goes double for when I ILL a book from another library. Hence this necklace:

The edge bezel is a modification of the center portion of one of Heather Kingsley Heath's bracelets in her book Introducing: Albion Stitch. And of course I unintentionally jumped right into advanced difficulty in attempting to bezel anything in the first place. After four failed attempts, it did turn out, but mostly because I finished it out of spite.

I even made matching earrings to go with the necklace station elements!

Also, a netted back to set off the solidly painted back of the piece of matt board the flower is drawn on.

Pictured here is one of my first three attempts cast aside, next to a bead soup pile of even prior attempts, and the final version in progress. Getting the initial math right for this was HARD!

And to torture myself even more, I opted to stitch in the ditch to create a second bezel layer UNDERNEATH the first one. What kind of crazy am I? The kind who needs to fill up extra space, that's what. The depth of this was significant without it. I did end up taking the red leaf out, as I did cover the drilled hole of the faceted acrylic cabochon in the end. And it cluttered the design.

So, what do you think? Love it enough to buy it? You can do that here:

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