Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tip #7: DMC to Delica Conversion Chart

Do you consistently come across beautiful cross-stitch patterns? Would you like to duplicate the intricate pattern into beads, present color scheme included?

Well, Caravan Beads and Fiber Gypsy.com have created a conversion chart specifically for this purpose! Check it out. It's by no means complete, but serves as a great starting off point to help you round out the desired color set.

Now, if I could find the color chart for this beautiful Manny Calavera, I could loom him up, right?

Originally by Jsutcliffe, found on mrxstitch!

Isn't he AWESOME?!?!?! I highly recommend getting a copy and playing Grim Fandango if you haven't yet. Right now. I'll wait for your gushing comments.....

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