Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tip #5: Indulge in Some Kandi

Kandi patterns website: 

Are you too poor to afford bead tool software? Do you not trust things to do as promised? I bought......something.....ages ago that was quite fiddly and never quite did what I asked it to. Admittedly, it was many years ago, but the experience was unfortunate and I prefer to find more affordable options when I need digital graphing tools.

Thankfully, Kandi Patterns is there for you! This is a useful website for if you're feeling nerdy and want to find a loom or peyote pattern of cute things. Or just make your own. There are tons of nostalgia inducing images here for your perusal.

Additionally, there is a handy pattern tool for color block building your own pattern, like I did for my illusion blocks bracelet. I was having a hard time finding loomed patterns for (tumbling blocks, as they're actually called). Plenty of peyote patterns abound! But, alas, looming patterns that did exist a year or two ago were not to my liking. Here are attempts #1 and #2. :-)

Ehhhh......wrong direction, but a nice try.


It took a little trial and error, but I got what I wanted. Obviously I only did a portion since this is a repeating pattern. And I'm super happy with the result:

Are you dizzy yet?

Oddly enough, I actually still own this bracelet. It seems to be the case with my absolute favorites. They tend to stick around forever. To purchase, please go to the listing in my Etsy store.

Okay, so back to Kandi Patterns. Sadly, there is no converting of photos here. It's just a simple program for when you can't find where you put your graph paper. There is, however, an option to import photos for use as a type of color palette picker.

Also, if you're into the rave scene, which I'm not, here's a handy article on the meaning of Kandi.

Oh, speaking of graph paper, does anybody know where I can find some of the small square stuff? I'm only ever able to find the standard type in person in stores. Guess I gotta go hunting online, but I'm hoping to find a nice journal type thing. I do a lot of colored pencil coloring for my hand done patterns, and always run out space because the standard squares are much too large for my liking.

Wish me luck in that hunt!

Bead Happy


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