Sunday, September 4, 2016

Speaking of Makeovers....

I have a second necklace that has undergone some reconstruction. However, I don't have an image of what the original looked like. Considering I made the thing six years ago, I find that hard to believe. I did manage to find this photo of the matching earrings though:

Sorry for the poor quality.

As you might be able to tell, they're made from Cellini spiral, a stitch I was fond of for a few short years. That is, until this necklace and earrings both busted apart. I can tell you exactly what the problem was too.

1. I was using Fireline, which in hindsight is super stupid because it ends up being so brittle after a few years.

2. It was mostly the size difference between the triangle beads I was using and the 4mm twist a beads (or fossil beads, whatever they're called) was too huge and put too much stress on the thread. That goes to show that bead choice does matter. Or you'll end up paying for it.

And now, the touched up version of my Cellini spiral necklace, only without the spiral bits:

Tada! All fixed!

Detail of one half of the original tube.

I like it much better this way anyway. Much less bulk to it. I also had to change up the stringing order of the accent beads during the reconstruction.

If you like this piece and would love to have it for your own, I just now added it to my Etsy Shop. Happy Sunday! I think I'm going to go back to sleep for a bit. I've had an off week and am slowly recovering.

Today's listening pleasure: ........I forgot to play anything, so I guess the hum of my computer and the air conditioning unit.

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