Thursday, August 11, 2016

FREE: Midnight Tutorials

Have you ever had that ONE project that just refuses to turn into a nice, professional, and clean tutorial? Well, this is mine:

Version #1

This version was a self created attempt to make a tutorial for sale. Um...I was a crazy kid in 2013. Pieces of it are hand drawn and scanned into Photoshop to create a comic book layout. This was the first of that type of tutorial. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. So, I've decided to offer it for free on My Craftsy Page. Download it and judge for yourself!

Version #2

This version was JD's attempt to help me clean up the look of my pages. His illustration work was great, even then. This was back before his graphic design job downtown. However, the problem with collaboration between us is that he has no idea what the heck is going on with beadwork. So he always gets lost with text and can't proof read for me. :-( (I'm pretty sure there is a typo in here, but can't remember which step it appears in. Sorry. Let me know if you have issues.) I have come to accept my obsession is mine alone. To this day, he remains great at helping me tweak my digital illustrations, some of which you can purchase HERE. Anyway, to download Version #2, you can get it in This Other Craftsy Listing. It, also, is free.

There is obviously marked improvement between the two projects. However, I am almost convinced I will never have a completed version of this technique. Maybe I've just spent too long thinking about it. Anyway, shortly after the above projects, I started to actually get into digitally illustrating my own pieces. The above link to my (reactivated) Etsy shop will show you finished examples done in Photoshop. BUT, yet again I return to the stupid washer, this time in Illustrator: 

Much better, isn't it? *unashamed pat on back* Even getting to this stage took quite a bit of practice. But I'm determined, AND I've never had a design class in my life. It's just a ton of experimenting and looking things up online to figure out how to get the look you want. Sometimes I also take advantage of backseat critiquing from JD, who often tweaks what I've been working on all day in a matter of minutes. :-/ 

Even so, this tutorial may not see the light of day for another few months/years yet. I really want it to be out there, but I'm too much of a perfectionist I guess. My tutorials are illustrated vs. just pictures of the piece being made. It's the look I want. I wouldn't feel right taking money for something that wasn't a piece of art in and of itself, you know?

If you are curious what I'm currently working on tutorial wise, here is a sneak peek: 

Basic loom work, you ask? What could be special about that? I'll give you a hint: dig back a few posts and you'll find it. This is just a prettier version. And will be free. Again! I've just had looming and tutorials on the brain a lot lately. Mostly I'm just giving myself excuses to get back into Illustrator. You wouldn't believe how much I screwed up just to get this to look as nice as it does. All art is a learning curve. Some just don't come as easily.

Well, I hope you've all liked my rambling about my illustrating history. Look for more to come! I've figured out a way that currently keeps me interested in getting my work and ideas out there. Let me know what you think on any of this! I've got to go to sleep. I think I'm plenty wound down from work now.

Tonight's listening pleasure: Frank Turner Radio on Spotify. Meh. They all sound like him, but don't convey emotions as well. Still better than the radio in my car. What isn't?

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