Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vintage Style

Tada! I have recently decided to drag myself to the grocery store to mooch internet every chance I get. The reason: to show you guys the wonderful, yet sometimes many months old pieces I have recently made and finally edited. This one I know for sure made it on Facebook right when I completed it, but did  not earn a blog to the best of my knowledge. So, here is Baroque Heart!

Notice the tiny gears? Yep those are stitched in. Even I'm not crazy enough to attempt rivets that small.

Full view, including a button I bought on Portobello Road in London.

Alas, I cannot duplicate the earrings, for I have forgotten where I bought the findings and cannot find them locally. Plus, internet ordering is not something I participate in unless absolutely hounded by someone to finish a certain project with no exceptions. If you would like to purchase the necklace or see more pictures, you can traipse on over to my Etsy listing for a closer look. 

In regards to my bead stash, it keeps growing even without the help of monetary assistance on my part. Over the years, I meet a variety of people who, for one reason or another, give up beading as a hobby or prioritize their jewelry making skills along other lines. This means I usually get a ton of seed beads running my direction and spilling out of my drawers. So, last night I bought a ton of circular containers and attempted to tame part of the overflow. I'm still working on it and will eventually upload a glamour shot of my collection in all its rainbow organized glory! (hopefully)

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