Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Jasper Lariat

Sorry for missing last week's post. *shrug* I do however have another fabulous sketch and finished piece to show you this week. TADA.......

Photo collage made using photovisi.com
I made this lariat last September. I originally wanted to make enough freeform peyote circles to make a belt. It fit around my waist, but didn't stay in place to well. (Now I have to find a creative use for the toggle clasp with extra circle, which isn't pictured here.) So I decided to make it a lariat instead!!

Miscellaneous news:

I just recently finished a new Eileen necklace, bracelet, and earring set!!! So excited that this one turned out fabulously well. :-) I have to say that freeform peyote is not usually my thing, but this design always makes me happy. 

And now, Eileen! 

I used a coil inductor for the centerpiece as well as a cathedral bead that has been embellished along the equator.

(Hey I just realized this post was themed around freeform peyote. *accident*)

I was also just recently informed that I won a free Modahaus through Pearl's giveaway!!!!!! This made my week.

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  1. Pot calling the kettle a nerd! Or something like it:))) Beaded coil inductor???? That beats my Schroedinger reference any day!