Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Casting a Frog

Oooohhhh, a movie! Ah, not quite. Although the 'new' Disney release The Princess and the Frog is really well done.

This two finger ring was made in 2009 I believe. It is my very first attempt at casting anything EVER. It was a lost wax casting with bronze. Pretty proud of myself for carving the frog out of wax. There was a little toy frog this exact size just chilling on top of the chemical cabinet. As far as I know, he'd been there for years without anybody taking notice. Of course after I finished the ring I put the little guy right back where I found him. And he disappeared forever within a week. :-(

As with any new assignment, I was always eager to include beads within my design. In this case, I used a single dyed freshwater pearl, which is nestled inside the water lily. See.....

Photo collage from www.photovisi.com, photo of ring taken by Trevor Hunter
Anyway.....the result: one heavy sucker that could do some hefty damage, but look good doing it.

And now for some good news!!!

I have decided to get rid of my entire stash of old magazines. I'm down sizing (still) and trying to get rid of and give away things that I don't need or that are taking up space. Unfortunately, magazines take up a lot of space. I am determined to only purchase the ones in which I get published.

I will first make copies of my favorite untried projects (to keep the mags in good shape) and then give them away when I'm done with the photocopier. All for personal use, I promise. If anybody has a special request, I may just have the issue you're looking for. If not, I'll have pictures up on Facebook in a destash album within a couple of weeks/months/as I get to it. Just provide postage.

I told you it was good news. Who doesn't like a win-win?


  1. this ring is killer! i collect frogs & i think this is brilliant! great colors and wonderful artistry.

  2. I used a green patina and then colored it with Prismacolors on top.