Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Asymmetry

This necklace was a complete surprise to me. I received a text from JD with a message saying, "You have me drawing jewelry designs at work. :-/" And this was the sketch:
After deciding that this design was too fabulous to pass up, I promptly began making the piece with materials I had on hand. I eventually ended up giving it to JD's mom as a Christmas present. Here's the two of them together with Linda wearing the necklace:

I don't have a better view of the necklace itself, but I think it's nice to see a happy recipient of my work on occasion. This was my first piece of beadwork created from the sketch of another person. Thanks JD. <3

Sorry that I got to this update a little late, but I'm proud of having kept to my self imposed deadline thus far. Stay tuned for next week's sketch vs. finished piece.

By the way, once my Facebook Vanishing Pearl page receives 150 likes, I'm going to announce a giveaway of one of my pieces! Tell your friends and I'll be back with a photo of the piece that will soon make its way to a new home.


  1. this piece is GORGEOUS!!! fabulous and creative design by JD and wonderfully brought to life by you! you guys make a great team :-) more! more!

  2. I am of the same opinion Christine. Thanks! I'll be sure to tell JD of your approval. :-)

  3. Beautiful necklace, you and JD work well with each other.