Saturday, March 18, 2023

Where Have I Been?? Making Strawberries, of Course!

Hi all. It's been.....quite a while, hasn't it? Long story short, I ended up moving cross country, finally! I now live and bead amongst the trees and rain of the Pacific Northwest. And I adore it.

After taking a roughly six month hiatus from everything Vanishing Pearl related (don't worry, I have still been beading), now is the time to start getting feelers out into my new community and back to the game. Hence, I participated in A Crafty Day In again earlier in the month. It was a nice re-introduction to craft shows and a good time to connect with my online Twitch community. Good times.

During the event, I streamed the beginnings of the following strawberry/kiwi set and completed them over the course of three days.

What do you think? Super incredibly cute, huh? And yes, in this case, I did use the patterns of another artist. Beading by Hannah is a wonderful place to look for miniature fruits. She has three separate ones specifically for seed bead strawberries.

Overall, the style of this piece is reminiscent and more than a little inspired by French General's Kaari Meng. Her first book is remarkable! I have missed....assembly.....and stringing....and charm bracelets....and good old fun. Weird how having consistent pay can open the creative doors to make fun pieces for yourself, eh?

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