Thursday, April 21, 2022

Are YOU Having a Grape Day?

 I totally am! Or at least try to. I finally got around to doing something with this little grape that's been sitting in my component box ever since I realized it was too small for a needle minder commission I got over a year ago now.

Cute, huh? I WAS going to turn it into a pair of earrings, but guess what? Too lazy for that. Just slap a jump ring and a phone charm cord on it and call it done! My mantra for the past several months and years has been "Put a chain on it." This is a phrase my mother told me in high school as I was making ginormous, fully beaded work. It took me many years to realize the wisdom in that advice. I tell her that every time my business comes up in conversation.

I also believe this is about the point where I entirely gave up on trying to get Delica 0565 to even contrast with any of my other greens. This past month I finally used it up and won't be ordering it in future. I have switched over to Delica 0566 entirely, despite liking the color slightly less. Contrast is everything and I've since ordered it in bulk. The grape charm isn't a piece that suffers from the lack of contrast, thankfully, but future pieces will benefit from the switch.

There's only one available at the moment, but like all my simple stitched pieces, it is made to order indefinitely. To purchase please click below.

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