Friday, July 24, 2020

Piano Hammer Necklace and Some Other Work

Hello all! I've been working on new pieces recently. I have recently created a new piano hammer necklace from doing some color picking for My Lovely Beads' Fashion Colorworks Contest. I had thought I was choosing colors for the 2020 gold/green/blush pink combo. It turns out that those had been for 2019 instead. Oops! Regardless, after abandoning the pink in the mix, and playing with beads for a few days, I had the inspiration to create this piece:

If you remember from what feels like eons ago, probably 2011-2012 or so, I had made a similar piece that JD had drawn up for me. 

I was very thrilled to be able to recreate the design, as the rubberized leaf beads have been in short supply as of late. They're pretty impossible for me to track down and I would like to continue this composition up in the future. If you know of/own any, please do let me know!

My other recent finish was this braid stitch necklace designed by Virgina Jensen. I was in a low brain power mood the other night, but wanted to bead still. Why not learn something new where all the really hard parts have already been done for you? I think it turned out nice and has a lovely drape. However, beadwork of a solid stitch tends to get repetitive for my brain, and it begins to lack a challenge. Regardless, I did manage to finish and list it, for which I am very proud of myself!

*pats self on back*

I am also extremely happy to have figured out the Buy Now button option for my EcWid store plugin. Whoo!!! Have a lovely weekend.

I'll 'bead' around.

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