Friday, July 13, 2018

A Farmer's Market on the Horizon

Why had I never set up at my local Farmer's Market before? Oh, I know! My sleep schedule used to be awful. The thought of waking up before the sun was not appealing. Not that it is now, either, but it is much easier now that I have a night time routine before bed. I can actually go to sleep at a reasonable hour! And wake up at unbelievable ones.....

Last week, I set up for Peach Day. I had a great time! Saw lots of friends. Sold a few things. Even had produce type things for sale. See:

Current Setup

I keep saying that I have to change out these drapes. They're just too busy. Time to spend way too much time in Hobbly Lobby again...

Orange/Blue Watermelon Pendant and Earrings

Orange/Blue Watermelon Bracelet

In Progress Loomed Peach

Square Stitched Peach Pendant

All the fun fruits! No veggies yet, but I'm working up a plum design. And I have to make peach/plum bracelets and earrings before moving on to the next edible. I probably have to make lots of red watermelon. They're selling better than I could have hoped! Thanks Wichita Falls! I love them too.

Wish me luck tomorrow. Or come say hello. Wichita Falls Farmer's Market from 7:30am-1:00pm. I'm gonna need some coffee.

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