Monday, June 4, 2018

Tip #4: Let the Stork Surprise You

Stork Emroidery Scissors:

Your beading projects are your babies, right? Mine too! See?

Coochie cooooo! (Hand illustrated by JD Dixon)

Most people own a pair or two of these awesome embroidery scissors. And if you don't, you should! They're perfect for snipping thread close to your beadwork and are super sharp. Bonus: your loved ones aren't likely to choose these blades to dull with paper projects. Hehehe.

Om nom nom thread.

Also pictured is my current WIP. It's a late night inspiration. Some sort of double sided beaded button pendant project. The other side will be a mossy kind of green, like the accents in the outer round here. It's a surprisingly pleasant color scheme!

Anyway, stork scissors also have a history of being used by midwives to clip umbilical cords. Nifty, eh?

Oh, and please enjoy this beautifully drawn digital image that JD made me. It's going to grace all of my tutorial materials pages from this point onwards!

Created by JD Dixon

Isn't he beautiful?! <3 <3 <3

Today's listening entertainment is Welcome to Night Vale. There was a time I never thought I'd get caught up, but now I'm hunting down the other Night Vale Presents series between episodes. It's.....uh....strange as ever.

Happy Beading!

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