Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hello all!

I've been quietly staying busy in my home studio. I think I need to get out more. Hopefully, the Dance Dance Revolution pad at my local barcade isn't still broken. *fingers crossed* DDR is a great way to get a workout and boost your coordination. I don't care how much you think you suck. Go find an arcade and play. You'll be glad you did!

On to what I've actually been doing:

New vinyl stickers from JD!
The reverse side of my suitcase got a makeover! I like them. Thanks, babe.

Embarrasingly dull booth setup. :-/

Yeesh. No wonder my day was a bust. I don't fill out 10x10 booth spaces as well as I used to. I definitely need to rethink my display. Again. The layout was comfortable for me to move around in, but didn't do me any favors in attracting.....crickets.....people to talk to. Art & Soul wasn't a very good event for me. The weather was awfully hot, but the event staff kept us very well hydrated!

In other news, I've been relearning how to consistently list pieces on Etsy. You just list stuff. Having a daily routine helps. I took these photos yesterday, uploaded two then, then just finished the third today. Yay me!

Viking Knit and Shaped Beads Cuff

Click here to purchase. This cuff was an experiment in trying to embellish viking knit. I succeeded, mostly in making it way too big for my personal taste. But it was great fun to make!

Flared Hubble Stitch Sampler Bracelet

Click here to purchase. This was my first foray into hubble stitch. I think. I'm pretty sure I've never tried it before. Anyhow, the other night I just felt like trying it out with what was left of my favorite blue/orange combo. I'm really going to miss those bead colors, but I have a nice dainty bracelet for everyday wear!

Twyla Harbick's Dragonfly Bracelet in Red and Brown

Click here to purchase. At some point last year, I was in a creative rut. The best thing to do? Make somebody else's pattern! I was flipping through the August/September issue of BEADWORK Magazine for inspiration and thought I'd give this bracelet a try. It came out...okay. It's much too big for me to wear, despite following the directions to a T. Okay, well not to a T, but close. I swapped the O beads for hematite heishis and the Delicas for 11/0s. Oh wait, that's why it's not small enough. Tamara, when will you learn? 11/0s are always bigger than Delicas, duh.

That's about all for today! It's almost time for me to head out and have an away from the house night.

Happy Beading


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