Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tip #2: Keep it Sharp (and out of the way).

Pencil lead case: 

This one is pretty straightforward. It's an easy needle storage solution.

That's not lead.

I don't sew much and never had need of a pin cushion. However, I've seen a few patterns that I'd like to make, like this adorable cactus! Side note: the sheer amount of succulent themed art out there makes my little gardening heart happy. <3

Pin cushions aside, students always have lead for mechanical pencils, or at least they do now. And I was a student for the normal amount of time during my earliest crafty years. This little bit of recycling is handy for keeping your needles all in one accessible location, like I do. Or you could even have several on hand if you're the type that's super into labeling and keeping your sizes in different containers.

Supplementary tip: I have a magnetic tool strip on my desk for keeping all my tools. My needle case conveniently is full of magnetic material, so it can easily hang out with the others. See?

Little tools all in a row. And a sleeping Polywag.

Just hammer that strip right into your desk if it happens to be made of solid wood like mine. I need to bang on mine a bit more. It still wobbles a bit.

Edit: I now own some Tulip needles and keep them in the tube they arrived in, which is handy for separating them from the now inferior needles. More on that in a future post, hopefully.

I hope you found this beading hack helpful. Happy beading!

Tamara Allison

Today's listening pleasure is Nabowa: Sunpeko.

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