Sunday, November 6, 2016

Musings on Coffee and Pinterest

So I've noticed that I haven't blogged in about two weeks, which is a personal misstep for me. I've been intending to do so once a week, preferably on Sundays. The time change is killing me. And so is barista work. :-/

I was doing so well at waking up on time every day too...

So, for those of you who frequent coffee shops, corporate or local, be kind to your baristas. We're working as hard as we can, and we know the volume is ramped up because it's fall now, and we know the wait times can be long. It's difficult for you and us both. But I still had a good day! I was slinging drinks like a maniac and smiling despite the long lines and frustrated stares. This time last year I was crying inside.

A year and a half at Starbucks and now I think I'm ready for this:

My coffee master journal!

I haven't opened it yet, but am excited to do so!!

Enough about my job. Let's talk about Pinterest. It got me back into beading. Seriously. Not kidding here.

I had signed up for an account back in 2013, when Pinterest was still new. I didn't utilize it much but did see it's potential for artists. Besides this blog, it is now my sole means of social media sharing. Never had a Twitter, and Facebook bit the dust for me in 2014. Everything older long ago vanished from my life as well.

I'm no Pinter-mom or Pinter-wife or Pinter-girlfriend. I'm just looking for beading inspiration by browsing. And this gets the gears turning in my head.

Can't decide what to make? Duplicate something from a board.

See something you think is clever or ingenious? Save it for later. Make it now. Whatever.

I basically like the fact that I can keep all the imagery that I find interesting saved to an online account and not on my hard drive. They're much easier to organize this way. (I do still have quite a back log of old pictures to sort through on my hard drive. I'm trying to get it pared down.)

However, when I'm trying to legitimately research something on Google, I receive umpteen Pinterest results that may or may not link back to the original source material. :-/ It can be a scourge at times.

I apologize that I don't have an example of this conversation topic, but here's a photo of me dressed up as Waldo for Halloween:

They'll never find me behind this TV box...

Bye for now!

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