Sunday, August 28, 2016

Makeover Time!

I'm pretty sure every beader in existence has made the mistake of using either the wrong thread or the wrong beads in a project. Either way, you end up with snapped or fraying threads when you really should have evaluated your choices better.

If you're like me (and I know you are), one or more of these broken projects end up hidden at the bottom of your supplies somewhere. Sometimes they stay there for years before you either rip it apart entirely to salvage the beads or just toss it out. Most of you delude yourselves into thinking you will one day fix the piece(s). I also find it difficult to return to those old ideas and refashion them into something more fitting with my current style. It's hard, especially if you've moved on. But sometimes, giving an old piece a new look is worth the effort.

Here is an example that I've recently re-completed.

Three Teared Asymmetrical Necklace. 2005ish-2006ish.
(Lauren Pinson Photography)
This necklace is a decade old, guys. A whole ten years it's been in my life. That's roughly 2/3 of my entire beading career. 

(Sort of) close up of problem area.
This is the general area where the piece broke. Please forgive the awful blurriness of my cropped image, as it turns out I have no detailed photo of this portion of the original necklace. Let's just suffice it to say that Nymo thread and sharp edged hex beads done up in right angle weave was not a smart choice in the long run. As you can tell, the whole piece was an experiment in asymmetry, which I was really into at the time. No so much anymore, as evidenced by my makeover version:

Final version. 2015.

I'm much happier with how it looks now! I still love the asymmetry of the pendant itself, but simplified the neck strap by a boatload. I just made simple interconnected rings using the original beads, and the black chain is doubled back on itself for the appropriate thickness. Not pictured is a silver plated lobster clasp instead of the original button and loop closure.

My teenage self tried to get over complicated. This just goes to show that mom is always right. K.I.S.S Keep it simple stupid. It took me YEARRRRSSSSS to acknowledged the fact that a pendant on a chain or cord is much nicer than a fully beaded strap that most likely gets hidden behind the neck or under long hair. I suppose this necklace was just waiting for me to grow up a little!

If you're interested in purchasing this final draft of an old design, you can buy it in my Etsy shop!

Today's book models:

House of the Wolf by M.K. Wren (In my opinion, one of the best political sci-fi books out there, and I haven't even read the second and third installments. Just found them this year. Read the first one, um, in high school.)

Strata by Terry Pratchett. (I haven't read this one yet, but it's Terry Pratchett. He's only ever disappointed me once, but I think there were special circumstances behind that. I'm super stoked about this non Discworld title though!)

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