Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Work, New Listings, New Look!

Hi guys! I've been in the process of re-branding and unifying the look of my Etsy store. I've been adding new items that I'm excited about. (By new, I mean mostly made last fall and just finished photographing, fyi.) Here they are:

Beaded Gears Bracelet

Copper Link CRAW Bracelet

Antique Key Necklace

Soutache Fan Necklace

Lace Flower Washer

Soutache and Copper Ring Pendant

Scallop Stitched Filigree Square

Comments? I like to think I'm doing slightly better than in the past. Plus, since I gave up craft shows for this year, I've been wanting my online presence to be more professional looking.

I did the math the other day. Since I live so far from most art and craft show venues, it costs me on average $600 in total expenses. For that same amount of money, I can list 3,000 items on Etsy. My mind is boggled right now. I don't even have that many finished pieces on hand to list.......

Featured Book Models: Prisoners of Space by Lester Del Rey, Project Pope by Clifford D. Simak

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