Monday, May 27, 2013

FREE: Asymmetrical Lampwork Necklace Beadwork Giveaway

Good afternoon! Another necklace if anyone's interested. Look how shiny the lampwork leaf pendant is. I got all the materials at the local bead store. The Strung Out Bead Shop. (Sorry, I'd link to the FB page, but it's really not worth your time.) Great selection of beads though, if you happen to live in Wichita Falls.

Now the necklace......

Any takers? Just comment below.

The winner will be selected by random. Check back tomorrow to find out who gets to have this treasure delivered to their home! If you miss out, I'll be posting a new piece of beadwork every Monday. for an undetermined amount of time.


  1. Beautiful, as always!! Hope you're doing well, Tamara.

  2. So glad this piece has found a wonderful home with Lisa G! Enjoy, lovely.