Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Diamond in the Rough

Matching earrings to a necklace that is being published in a magazine in December!!! And here I was thinking that 2012 was going to pass by uneventful. These little guys didn't make it into the box, and since the publication had only seen the necklace, I figured I'd post them here and in my Etsy shop. Diamond earrings anyone?

In other news, I'm 100% free of my student loans! I paid that sucker off three days before my grace period ended. It's possible if you pretend that you don't have any money for a stretch of nine months straight. Granted, it was under $5,000 to start with, but I'm still pretty stoked! :-)


  1. Grats on both, Pearl. Way to go!!

  2. Thanks Julie! I'm currently working on the tutorial for the matching necklace, which I'll post in December, when the piece is published. I've been on a tutorial kick lately and drawing up a storm! :-)