Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Listing!!

Again. I love this shape. I've been on an asymmetrical necklace kick lately. Somehow I managed to forget to show you guys the last one, but this is my most recent. It also conveniently matches the OTTBS color scheme for May! Lookie......

I will admit that this is the first time in a LONG time that I have actually turned to my beading magazines for help. The reason being: well, I just don't feel like I'm caught up on recent techniques. Therefore, I dug through last year's projects for inspiration!!

You can find it listed here in my Etsy shop!!!

I've also been on a beaded washer kick. (Duh, since they're on my inventory list for this year. I've made 24ish pendants w/matching earrings so far!) And this is the first of my beaded CRAW washers. Yes, I have finally tackled cubic right angle weave. Not sure what the fuss is about. I didn't find it too difficult, but maybe my brain works different. OR maybe it was because I wasn't following any directions, playing with my beads, working in the round, and making it all up myself? Yep. The last one. I'm almost sure I skipped some steps and came out with the same results. (*mental note to double check against somebody's instructions) Have a look!

I took this set to Lubbock with me and finished the earrings while I was there. Just as soon as I was done, my Aunt Nancy bought it off of me. (The woman has impeccable taste in fashion and has done this with work I've made in the past. Always takes my favorite. :-) I had to ask her for this picture because I hadn't photographed it yet. The rest of the show was a bust and she turned out to be my best customer.

.......and that's all folks!


  1. Beautiful, Pearl. I love the necklace, and the beaded washers. I have a beader friend who used your tutorial to make some really neat things. I don't think she's tackled CRAW yet. She does do RAW sometimes though. Glad you thought it was easy!!

  2. Oooh! Tell her I'd lime to see pictures.