Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tamara and the Obnoxious Metal Contraption

So here it is!!!! This is the first thing I ever successfully beaded. You notice I said beaded and not completed. Obviously, the moon and stars loomed whatever-I-was-going-to-make never got finished. And I never will.

So yeah. I started off by looming. And hated it. Well, at least I hated tying in the threads. I later read about a technique for not having to do that on bracelet sized pieces, but still. Warp threads are EVIL!!!!

I think it's kinda cute, plastic beads and all. The colored pencil pattern sort of shows up here. Forgive me; I'm rambling.

This is what I'm working on now. I honestly never thought I would touch another loom in my life. I still have an unfinished 12'x12' version of Starry Night (10 colors) on a wooden loom I bought off of Ebay. I also have a WAAAYYYY outdated version of BeadCreator software that I used to make the pattern. The last time I touched that thing was six years ago, when I was 16.

......then I met Jenna. She requested a beaded hatband for her fedora since the one that came with it came unglued. Loomwork is the only quick solution for such a request. She also wants it to have a Greek border pattern. She also picked the color scheme:

A couple of weeks after I started the project, we found a matching tie at a thrift store!

I haven't finished the hatband just yet, but only because I ran out of warp thread (Fireline this time. :-) ). I estimated too short and have to finish up the last couple of inches with square stitch. As always, tying in the warp threads was a huge pain. I have until May 13th. Otherwise, I will feel terrible. Nobody else in the world could convince me to do loom work free of charge.

Tune in next time for:

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  1. I think I am taking grave issues with this post! Warps are not evil and they are wonderful to have which allow for so many great techniques. You are just not looking at them in the right light. Nor have you been shown a very special technique I have created to manage the warps. Your wanted to join my Group, BLI, but you haven't jumped in the way you can yet. Maybe these pieces can finally be finished in a fun manner!!?

  2. I've been doing my best to relearn the technique. I've been thinking more and more on the subject since this post was written. I did quite enjoy working on the hatband because it worked up so quickly and I love the color combination! Please forgive my ramblings from earlier this year.