Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Booth Shot


So, so, sorry that I've been busy. That's a good thing, right? Anyway......I'm going to be debt free on Thursday!!!!!! My student loan is going to kick the bucket in one fell swoop. Maybe I can start buying things for myself again, such as.....beads??

Nah. I have to pay off my Trimline first. I love it! Ish. The heavy contraption takes me an hour and a half of pure sweat and torture to put up, and then another five hours for my display. Here's a recent booth shot, albeit minus the Trimline because my sister has my camera and memory cards with current photos at the moment.

Nice, huh? I am SO relieved all the clutter is gone and my work can be seen. No more fighting with the displays. Unfortunately, this was an indoor show with pipe and drape. My current curtains tend to conflict a little. Still working on a solution for that and thinking about wall displays with shelving. (An artist is never satisfied.)

And this is my newest listing! Made it last fall. Eileen Bracelet-Computer Parts.

Quick question before Hastings closes:

Should I change my online avatar? I'm getting kind of bored with mine and think I want to change it to something else. Any suggestions?